Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I love you, but...

The title of this blog is not meant for Jude, but for the kids. I'm looking through old pictures (long process, but on my way to doing one of those photobooks) and came across some dating pictures...

fake wasted.

...maybe it's real.


Okay, why after seeing these pictures would I choose the title that I did? Because this is as bad as it got! Maybe tired, but from the sun and having fun...not added years of sleep deprivation and exhaustion. I'll never complain about a picture again, I might be saying this in 10 years about how I am now!!

(Love you kiddles. But you are a LOT of work. But incase it isn't drilled in your brain and heart yet - hear it in writing, o once more... I do love you!)

Hee hee... here are a few more. Note JK's mullet. I liked it then, I like it now. HA!

(mullet.) Love.

Monday, April 29, 2013

post finished (offically!)

So Ms. Birthday Girl decided to post my last blog before I finished it. If it seemed a little short, maybe (very) incomplete - you were right. And I should know better than leave things up on the computer... ;)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Grey's 3rd Birthday

It's been awhile. Hello! Blogging has been on my mind and I miss it. So hopefully here is to my return! And Here is an update all about our sweet little Grey's 3rd Birthday...

We kept things simple. Party time was before naps, so the kids had the hours before that waiting in anticipation. It was hard not to touch and taste. They did good.

I made the cake in the last minute which I always plan NOT to do... Luckily the frosting came out great and I was pretty please with it. It was 100% organic. Frosting was colored pink with beet powder - you'd never know it! I was pretty happy with the cake alone.

Grey watched me assemble it - not an easy job for an icing-hungry birthday girl!
She lucked out with plenty "tastes". She approved too, I guess.

Cake is done!!

Vegetable snacks, fruit kabobs, PB & J's (without crust, of course!) and honey-sweetened ice tea.
Kid food. I should just say kid food.
But this year, it's not about us like the baby birthdays before. This year, it's all about her and her friends. 

The kids waited patiently. About the time they were done eating, cousin Josiah come over (Kenny and Bre's baby.) Then about 3 minutes later everyone was there, and the party was on.

LuckilyIt didn't take but 5 minutes and everyone was here (meaning 2 of her friends.) And we had instant fun, crazy, and lots of laughs. We played a fishing game were they all won bubble toys and punching-ballons (for the younger kiddlets.) We snacked, played will all the toys, (inside, since it was a little cloudy and cold. What was I thinking, it'd be sunny?!) Then, of course, had cake.

Nice. I'm frightening the kids with fish face...

Surprise! It's a Silas Swimmer!

This is a great cross-eyed one of Papa Jude.

Can I taste it now?

Happy Birthday to Me!! Next is not the best video ever, but still, a moment captured...enjoy our song to little, sweet Grey.


I love that she's singing along!

(Josiah's birthday is next!)

Grey and Mae. (Grey is saying, "Cheese!!")

Grey and Harper.

hugs, hugs!

At the end, it was hugs all around, and full bellies ready for nap time! I guess there's hug in there for the little brother too.
It was a long day. After the party, after naps, family came over that couldn't make it to the party. Basically, I had a party for Grey, but most the family couldn't make it, so they came over later. Again, it was a long day...

She's snug in her new chair with her new Lalaloopsy Doll. About to get spoiled again! 

Lala says "hi".

kiss kiss!

And kisses for dada. Through the window, cause it's fun. *muaaah!* 

And anyone around Grey very long knows that she loves to sing. And she Loooooooves to sing in a microphone. That's probably all kids, but still...

She sang a song, and sang it, and sang. After about 5 minutes, we all started moving on to other things. She continued, and continuted... (I have a video, I'll have to edit it in some time.)
Got this at the end of it all. She's sitting like a little grown-up. Legs all crossed! Ha!

Happiest Birthday to you, little lady! We are super blessed with each moment spent with you. You make us laugh, we're super proud of who you're becoming, and you're a bright light in our life. We love you Grey!